Wooden Shijps – Contact

May 29, 2015

Contact - Wooden Shijps

Wooden Shijps – Contact (2009)

I once posted about Brigitte Bardot and Serge Gainsbourg’s song “Contact” way back in 2010! I recently discovered this cover version by Wooden Shijps. Pretty contented by the fact that their is a droning, psychedelic version of this song out there. The b-side to the single is “I Hear The Vibrations” which is also worth a listen.

O.V. Wright – A Nickel & A Nail & The Ace Of Spades

May 24, 2015

OV Wright A Nickel and a Nail

O.V. Wright – A Nickel & A Nail & The Ace Of Spades (1971)

O.V. Wright hails from Tennessee and is regarded as one of Southern Soul’s most authoritative and individual artists. He started as the lead singer for numerous gospel groups before being discovered by Roosevelt Jamison, who helped Wright to record That’s How Strong My Love is (which was later covered by Otis Redding and The Rolling Stones). Anyway, I started listening to A Nickel & A Nail & The Ace of Spades somewhat randomly after looking up similar artists to Lee Moses (see post below). It was recorded with the legendary Willie Mitchell in Memphis, and is an absolutely amazing record to listen to, especially on a lazy Sunday like today.

Lee Moses – Time and Place

May 24, 2015

lee moses

Lee Moses – Time and Place (1971)

A friend recently showed me this record by Lee Moses. I was blown away. There is so much raw emotion behind Lee’s lyrics that it’s difficult not to wonder why more people don’t know about him. You really feel like you are there with him going through whatever he’s going through while he’s singin’ his words. Lee Moses, from Atlanta, is probably one of the best kept secrets in Deep Soul. This record Time and Place is something everybody should listen to at least once (but I promise you’ll listen to it more than that..) The title track ‘Time and Place’ is my favorite, along with ‘Free at Last’.

Nepa – Tony Allen / Expensive Shit – Fela Kuti

February 4, 2015


Nepa (Never Expect Power Always) – Tony Allen with Afrobeat 2000 (1984)

Recently came across Tony Allen‘s “Nepa (Never Expect Power Always)” record. The title track is amazing and a definite gem. If you’re unfamiliar with Tony’s name, you might recognize his drumming from Fela Kuti’s Africa ’70 band. Brian Eno states that Tony Allen is “perhaps the greatest drummer who has ever lived.”



Expensive Shit – Fela Kuti & Africa ’70 (1975)

Mentioning Fela, I thought I’d post something he recorded with Africa ’70 and Allen’s drumming. The 12th studio album by Fela Kuti Expensive Shit is an amazing record, and well worth a thorough listen.

Mustafa Ozkent – Gençlik Ile Elele

January 30, 2015


Mustafa Ozkent – Gençlik Ile Elele (1973)

One of my favorite pastimes is browsing Discogs and discovering new music. I decided at random to look up “The Sound of Wonder” just to find similar releases. (if you don’t know about this fantastic Pakistani compilation, you have to check it out. In fact I’ve posted about it before) While I was doing that, I stumbled upon prog-psych artist Mustafa Ozkent’s album Gençlik Ile Elele. It’s so awesome! Turkish psychedelic / experimental funk. Who doesn’t love that? Originally released in 1973, the vinyl LP is out of stock on Finder’s Keepers records who reissued it, but I’m sure you can find it on eBay…

The album was the first stereoisomeric duel channel recording in Turkey.


January 21, 2015


Funkadelic – Funkadelic (1970)
I just bought a limited edition vinyl of Funkadelic’s 1970 “S/T” release (1000 printed). WOW what an experience, especially the first track (see below). It makes it even more incredible that the vinyl is orange splatter-colored. The label that re-released the record (4menwithbeards) have some incredible vinyls, the guy who owns it has an immaculate taste in some otherwise obscure stuff (including that Gal Costa “Self-titled” release I mentioned a few posts down). Gonna be getting into lots of Funkadelic this month, and everything George Clinton related. (You can obviously also listen to this record on Spotify and whatever other digital music platform you prefer!)

Haha Sound

November 25, 2014


Broadcast – Haha Sound (2003)

Lately I’ve been listening to Broadcast incessantly. Trish Keenan’s voice is something so spectacular, so awesome and childlike, especially unique combined with the band’s experimental sound. Their 2003 album Haha Sound as a whole is a musical masterpiece. Just an FYI, if you’re into collecting records the vinyl LP went out of production a while ago so keep a lookout for it (ranges $150+)


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