Blues Blues Blues

Ah, Nick Drake phases, the best of them all.. There’s a few ways you can go after listening to Syd Barrett solo on repeat for a few days straight (which I’d been doing). 1. You can go the Donovan route, which is a slightly prissy route if you ask me. 2. You can go the first Pink Floyd album (The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn) with Syd leading route. 3. Or you can get into more disconsolately made songs, like Nick Drake’s works, which I’d chosen. I’d gotten quite preoccupied with Family Tree at some point last year. Somehow raw recordings of Nick accompanied by sparce vocals from his sister and mom make me feel all mellow and really good inside. Not to mislead you, the songs are quite saddening if all you’ve been doing is listening to dance music. Mix it up for a bit, it’s good for your ears.

Buy Family Tree and Nick’s other albums here.

Youtube: Tracks with his Mom and Sister’s vocals.

MP3: Been Smoking Too Long – Nick Drake
MP3: If You Leave Me – Nick Drake

How bout some Sebadoh!




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