Eating Us

The electronic psych band based out of Pittsburgh, Black Moth Super Rainbow, released their fourth album Eating Us this past May. It’s a short album, only 36 minutes long. It’s a little less lo-fi compared to their other albums, and lacks the obscure song titling (I mean, the titles are still cool, there’s just no Neon Syrup for the Cemetery Sisters). Eating Us is what the background music would generally consist of if you resided in a fancy kaleidoscope with music playing capabilities. If you’re into colorful, interesting, and psychotropic tracks I suggest you go pick it up. However, if you wanted to get the limited edition “Hairy” version of the album (complete with synthetic hair inside the CD sleeve), I regret to inform you that it’s sold out. You can pick the album (and their previous albums and EP’s) up on the band’s site.

From Eating Us:
MP3:Twin of Myself – Balck Moth Super Rainbow (YSI)

From Dandelion Gum:
MP3: Spinning Cotton Candy in a Shack Made of Shingles – Black Moth Super Rainbow (YSI)

Went to Busch Gardens whilst in Florida. It was sweet, waited on line for the front row of all the roller coasters and snuck a disposable camera onto them. Rest assured, I conquered the G-Force and that film is in the process of being developed. I’ll post the photos up here when I get them back and when I scan them, which could take forever. Here are some random one’s in the meantime.

Enjoy your Tuesday,



One Response to “Eating Us”

  1. brian l. Says:

    A friend of mine sent me this album. So good. Nice writeup.

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