Sebadoh (Eric Gaffney and founding Dinosaur Jr. bass player Lou Barlow) put out a handful of records during the 90’s and 1989. Here are a few b-sides off the 1990 Asshole 7″ (which was limited to 1000 copies.. I’d suggest this site if you want to poke around for a one..), the songs on the album were written by Barlow possibly about J. Mascis after he was kicked out of Dinosaur Jr.

The tracks below also appear on the rerelease of their 1989 debut album, The Freed Man (rereleased by Domino in 2005 with 52 tracks, as opposed to the original 31) I’d go pick up the rerelease, has a bunch of short, lo-fi, slightly out of tune but good nonetheless tracks.

MP3: Julienne – Sebadoh (YSI)
MP3: Hung Up – Sebadoh (YSI)

Gonna get me a working cassette player tomorrow.




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