Goin’ Off

Goin’ Off, Biz Markie‘s debut album came out in ’88. The legendary Marley Marl produced it. Nobody Beats the Biz is the 8th track on the album.. and probably my favorite track, second to the obvious Vapors. Kind of an interesting track too, samples Fly Like An Eagle and Sex Machine. Also samples Hihache by the French funk band Lafayette Afro Rock Band (whom of which you should also get into in addition to Biz’s Goin’ Off) Look ’em up.

From 88’s Goin’ Off:
MP3: Nobody Beats The Biz – Biz Markie


Buy Goin’ Off.

A bit from Lafayette Afro Rock Band’s 3rd album, Malik, released in 1972.

Sound a bit familiar?
MP3: Darkest Light – The Lafayette Afro Rock Band


MP3: Conga – The Lafayette Afro Rock Band


Buy Malik. I guess that links actually pretty useless because Amazon is out. Search around you’ll find it.

Zshare isn’t working so you can’t really preview the tracks. Gonna get a hosting upgrade and fix that flaw.



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