Space Girl & Other Favorites


As you’re perhaps already aware, the LES spot Annex is closing and turning into a sports bar. Whatever though, that kind of thing happens. The last RUFF CLUB ever is tonight. If you haven’t been to Ruff Club on a Friday, I suggest you head out tonight, because.. well.. it’s your last chance. Make it happen.

Because I seem to post about Jonestown just about every other month, it only makes sense that for this specific Friday I leave you with these two tracks from Space Girl & Other Favorites. Quick fact: The original release was vinyl only, with a limited run of only 500 copies. They re-released the album in 2003 with some bonus tracks.. wish I could get ahold of that vinyl though.

MP3: When I Was Yesterday – Brian Jonestown Massacre (DL)″

MP3: Kid’s Garden – Brian Jonestown Massacre (DL)″

movie night
Also, this Sunday is the third week of mine & Anton Glamb‘s new hip hop party called Movie Night. Last week was epic with good friend and fellow DJ Dances With White Girls. Hopefully we can outdo last week with this Sunday coming up! See you there! (@ Darkroom 165 Ludlow)




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