F Yeah

Flaming Lips Embryonic

A little excited for the new Flaming Lips album Embryonic to come out. Sounds a bit like a sound departure from their previous stuff to me from what I’ve heard.. although I don’t think The Flaming Lips ever really had any specific direction to begin with.. (never a bad thing) It drops October 13th. Let the anticipation begin! Pre-order a very limited deluxe edition of the album here! Comes complete with a bonus audio CD that has 256 times more resolution than a standard CD.. also comes with a furry case. Nice.

MP3: Convinced of the Hex – The Flaming Lips (DL)

I’ve seen a few versions of this particular song performed live on youtube. (unfortunately haven’t been lucky enough to see it in person). It sounds 10 million times better performed live. Compare the video down below to the MP3 up above and I’m almost positive you’ll agree, and it’s not just the giant LED naked satan woman dancing in the background that’ll sway you.




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