All kinds ‘a thangs

CMJ week was nuts! Went to the Pitchfork party last night where Alan Palomo (Neon Indian) made everyone dance, including me. (I prefer usually not to dance, my moves aren’t up to par).. Tonight! Lauren Flax, Me, & Anton Glamb.

Just got e-mailed this track the other day, it’s pretty sick, nice wobbly bass. Probably gonna play it tonight at that party up above, you could just wait to hear it then on super loud speakers, your call. (Kiss My Bass)

MP3: Dud Bomb – Mungo Baobab″

(Not the human merchant from Manda.)

And here’s an old one just for fun:
MP3: Hell Is Around The Corner – Tricky″

See you tonight, 165 Ludlow.


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One Response to “All kinds ‘a thangs”

  1. Sean Says:

    i love this poster

    Song Placements

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