Firstly, come to Germs tonight @ Club Europa in Brooklyn.
Secondly, become a fan of Space Bass on Myspace, click HERE.

Lastly, this has got to be one of the greatest disco tracks of all time ever. EVER. You are ridiculous if you think otherwise. The break 3 minutes in, the synths, the drum beat vocals everything, nothing wrong with this song at all. Donna Summer’s 1977 album I Remember Yesterday is a pretty epic album as well, get it get it get it get it. Here’s a random UK vinyl pressing.

MP3: I Feel Love (Summer ’77 RE-EQ ’95) – Donna Summer

ALSO- if I don’t get a post out before Monday head to Ceremony at Darkroom (165 Ludlow), Kids With Snakes, myself, and Anton Glamb will be attempting to make you dance, and will probably succeed extremely well. So come! (sidebar on the right)

Also new Animal Collective Fall Be Kind EP is pretty incredible however I have to run.

See you tonight at Europa.




One Response to “1977”

  1. Viki Says:

    Fell out of bed feeling down. This has brgtiehned my day!

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