Christmas All Over Again

I remember playing that Petty song at Ruff Club last year around this time. Ah, the gool ‘ol days. There are a few things I’d like to post about today, foremost is this article from Gizmodo, The Physics of Space Battles. It’s incredible and completely on point, I’ve only gotten up to the What Would a Combat Spacecraft End Up Looking Like? bit as of yet but am looking forward to reading the rest.

It is, after all, Christmas All Over Again. I compiled a list last year on my old blog (second post down) of things worth getting. I’d like to do the same thing this year.. so, here goes. Hope my parents are reading this.

#10. The AV310 Portable Widescreen Viewer

Obviously their purpose is to make subway commutes and flights more tolerable, one can’t go wrong when buying that special someone a 16:9 widescreen home theater, that you can wear on your face, and look cool whilst doing so.

#9. Tengu USB-Powered Character

“Tengu is a USB-powered character that lights up and lip syncs to music, or your voice, or whatever noise happens to be around at the time.” I hope I’m not the only one who finds him (or her) fascinating.. It’s kind of funny, if you click the link above to read the Tengu description and click the “zoom in” button you’re left with a close-up of his nose.

#8. Urbanears Plattan Headphones

Simple, foldable, relatively affordable, and feature a “zound plug” that enables someone else to plug their headphones into yours so they can listen to whatever your listening to, so blissfully snow-flake white as well.

#7. PSP 3000

Of course. To actually see a few accurate lists of differences between the 3000 and other handheld consoles, direct yourself to this site.

#6. The Beatles’ Collection Of HMV Boxed Set

(not actual box set above, the picture from was too big to post, click the link above.)’s description: “Very rare 1987 UK limited edition HMV box set containing the first four Beatles albums on CD, plus a 224-page book entitled ‘The Book Of Beatle Lists’ & Beatles factsheet, all housed in a superb 12″ x 12″ black Box with gold lettering. The box remains factory sealed in the original stickered shrink and therefore the contents are mint.” Come on, it’s only $1,053.00. I would feel somewhat terrible opening it, but it would feel so good, so so good.

#5. The Laserpod or The Laser Stars Projector

I’m unsure of which one is better (I’m unfortunately not an owner), therefore they are evenly set at #5. The The Laser Stars Projector seems somewhat more realistic viewing the pictures.. I’d settle for either one. The perfect gift in my opinion.

#4. The Levitating Hover Scooter

Indeed, just for fun

#3. The Ocean Pearl, The C-Quester 3, or The OrcaSub

If you’re not very much into swimming (like myself), this is an essential accessory for your water-related relations. As is this see-through canoe. However, if you are into swimming and enjoy taking pictures beneath the water, I would direct you to the Liquid Image Scuba Series HD 321.

#2. Human Touch HT-1650 AcuTouch Massage Chair

Insanely useful and an instant alleviator of any pain of any kind.

Drum roll…..

#1 An Island

Think of all the amazing things you and whoever your gift receiver is can do with this gift! The possibilities are endless! Think of all the Lost-themed games you could play!

This, my friends, is the end of my Christmas list. Please, it’s only a wish list, I know some of these items (or pieces of real estate) could cause slight difficulties to your economy badgered budget. One can dream, one can dream..

And now for some tunes… I’m not allowed to post Debaser by The Pixies, or else I would. It’s been stuck in my head for the majority of the day.

Neon Indian have had two sold-out shows in New York so far at Mercury. The last (also sold-out) show is tonight at Brooklyn Bowl. See you there! Also, there’s an afterparty @ Hot Pursuit, which takes place at The Woods tonight with my Germs DJ partner Stephen Pandolfi (Kids With Snakes) and MikeyAfterDark (Kids With Snakes), Mark & Craig of VHS or Beta, and Gavin Royce (Bad Decision).

From Psychic Chasms:

MP3: Terminally Chill – Neon Indian″

Pick up Psychic Chasms here.

Also, tomorrow Jason from Neon Indian is DJing Germs at Club Europa in Brooklyn, so come hang out for a bit and drink vodka, or whiskey, or rum, or white wine.

Take care for now,



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