Pondering this..

I’d really like to live on the moon once a colony does actually get itself running relatively smoothly. (i.e. no drug racketeers like in Outland, remember in the opening scene when the astronaut removes his helmet in fear of “spiders” inside his suit and his head explodes?) Anyway, here’s the article about possibly creating one out of a ditch.. er, giant hole on the moon, so awesome.

Dang, it’s cold. Here’s a bit from an amazing, amazing box set. Rockin’ Bones, click to buy. I absolutely love Rhino!

MP3: Shakin’ All Over – Johnny Kidd & The Pirates

MP3: Little Girl – John & Jackie

MP3: Domino – Roy Orbison

Two songs The Cramps have covered, both contained in the box set!:

MP3: The Way I Walk – Jack Scott With The Chantones Vocal Group

MP3: Sinners – Freddie & Hitchikers

Have a good one,


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  1. dogbody Says:

    we want you to come and work for us. nme like people like you.

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