Hermeto, etc.

A bit from Hermeto Pascoal‘s Brazilian Adventure (1988), which is actually his solo debut (1970) reissued and renamed, the original was self-titled. Read his bio if you’ve got time, click his name above. “He initially caught the international public’s attention with an appearance on Miles Davis’s 1971 album Live-Evil, which featured Pascoal on several pieces (which he also composed). [2] Davis has said that Pascoal was “the most impressive musician in the world”. Second track listed below is really somewhat creepy, but amazing too. Buy here.

From Brazilian Adventure:
MP3: Coalhada – Hermeto Pascoal
MP3: Velorio feat Flora Purim and Airto – Hermeto Pascoal

Here’s a couple from Amnesty‘s Free Your Mind: The 700 West Sessions. The material was all recorded on two dates in 1973 (At.. well, The 700 West Recording Studio, Indianapolis, IN)– but only just issued for the first time quite recently. So great! Amazing horn parts.. unfortunately there’s not much to be found on the group, I’m currently digging around. Here’s a link to buy.

MP3: Lord Help Me – Amnesty
MP3: Three Cheers For My Baby – Amnesty

A bit from Motown recording artist Mary Wells. The tracks below are from her second album, released in 1962: The One Who Really Loves You.

(Vinyl rips)
MP3: You Beat Me To The Punch – Mary Wells

MP3: Strange Love – Mary Wells

Here’s a track from her album Mary Wells Sings My Guy. Interesting fact: It Had To Be You was originally published in 1924! Incredible. So many covers.

MP3: It Had To Be You – Mary Wells

Buy both Mary Wells albums here. Still most likely my favorite version from anyone..

And last but not least..

Racy! Some from Gal Costa‘s 1973 album, Índia (a truly amazing album) Buy it here. Ah, bossa..

(Vinyl rips)
MP3: Da Maior Importância – Gal Costa
MP3: Índia – Gal Costa

If you’re bored:
Colbert on Dominos: Clip

Colbert & Paul McCartney outtakes (interview is offline, it was so good though, practically done a year ago): Clip

Seeing Colbert Monday, yes.



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