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Here’s a bit from Sun City Girls. Their records typically incorporated lyrics that relied heavily on their interests in mysticism, paranormal topics (especially UFOs), religious cults and other esoterica, often also manifested in their song titles, lyrics and album art. They’ve released an incredible amount, going though their discography.. It seems almost impossible to ever acquire absolutely everything, considering some releases are cassette only. Man, I’d like to get my hands on some of the cassettes! Anyway, here’s a bit, going by year of release..

From Midnight Cowboys From Ipanema (1986):″
MP3: Me And Mrs. Jones – Sun City Girls

From Torch of the Mystics (1990) (Probably their best known album):″
MP3: Cafe Batik – Sun City Girls

From You’re Never Alone With A Cigarette (Sun City Girls Singles Volume 1) (1990):″
MP3: Harmful Little Armful (For Will Shatter) – Sun City Girls

It is, after all, The King‘s 75th birthday. In honor of that, here are a couple of vinyl rips. (Mono, 7″) (The above artwork is actually from the CD, not the 7″) Big Elvis fan? Look what I’ve stumbled upon at $1500! That vinyl is 50 years old.. jeeze.″
MP3: You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me (Mono, 7″ Version) – Elvis Presley″
MP3: If I Can Dream (Mono, 7″ Version) – Elvis Presley

Dev Hynes/Lighspeed Champion recently recorded a version of Elvis’ Devil In Disguise at legendary Avatar Studios! It’s amazing! As is the video, which was put up today (of course!). Lightspeed Champion’s upcoming record Life Is Sweet! Nice To Meet You comes out on Domino the 15th of February.

One more… this one was originally written by Arthur Gunter and recorded (by him) in 1954 on Excello Records. Elvis later covered it the following year on Sun Records.. the fourth issue of a Presley record by Sun, AND the first song recorded by Elvis to appear on a national chart! (The above are actually Sun Records coasters!)″
MP3: Baby Let’s Play House – Elvis Presley

Alright that’s it! Except one more thing, Germs is tonight. Flyer is on the right, click to enlarge!



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