If I ever meet any of the Sons I’m recommending the induction of Ron Perlman

The Sons of Lee Marvin, founded by Jim Jarmusch, is a secret society devoted to.. Lee Marvin. In order to gain access to the club, you must possess physical characteristics of Lee Marvin.

Jim Jarmusch (Founding member)

Tom Waits

From Rain Dogs:
MP3: Tango Till They’re Sore – Tom Waits

Nick Cave

First track from Let Love In, second from Junkyard:
MP3: Red Right Hand – Nick Cave

MP3: She’s Hit – The Birthday Party

Neil Young

From my favorite Neil Young album, Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere:
MP3: Down By The River – Neil Young & Crazy Horse

Iggy Pop

This version, from Raw Power:
MP3: Shake Appeal – The Stooges

John Boorman (Director of Zardoz– yes!!)

Josh Brolin (No Country For Old Men, etc.)

Thurston Moore

From A Thousand Leaves:
MP3: Sunday – Sonic Youth

I wish I knew someone personally that looked like Lee Marvin. Or maybe I do.. I guess I’ll have to think it over. I always thought Ron Perlman looked relatively like Tom Waits.. (Perlman is best known for Hellboy, he was also in Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s dystopian French fantasy film The City of Lost Children, which is amazing if you’ve not seen it yet! Clip is below.) If I ever meet any of the Sons I’m recommending the induction of Perlman. I suppose his eyebrow structure isn’t quite up to par (going by Lee standards) How did Neil Young make it in?

Before I sign off let me remind you to sign Conan’s petition. I think the world will probably end pretty soon. Haiti just took on a 7.0 earthquake, Florida is freezing (literally), Jay Leno took back Conan’s slot, reality television has hit an all-time low, robots are likely to turn on us at any point now.. it’s all dwindling down, and fast. (I just hope it doesn’t happen before the season premier of Lost/)

You know, I was also thinking earlier about how the world would be if instead of physical warfare governments just solved things via modern warfare II.. it would make so much more sense.


Have a good evening/morning,


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