The Brigitte Bardot Show

From Brigitte Bardot‘s 5th album, The Brigitte Bardot Show.. the album is one of my favorites from Bardot.. partly due to the recurring harpsichord bits (David B., Je Reviendrai Toujours Vers Toi) To be quite frank, I think more artists should frequent the instrument. (Completely unrelated but I also think more artists should consider using a Nondo more often.. because really, what’s the use in being practical.. it also sounds awesomely creepy) Buy the album here.″
MP3: Harley Davidson – Brigitte Bardot″
MP3: Saint Tropez – Brigitte Bardot

The album also includes, Contact. Here is the video:

I remember seeing Godard’s Contempt with Bardot last year, they showed the restored version at the TriBeca Film forum.. very cool. (Uninspiring ending, but alright otherwise.. er, perhaps I shouldn’t have mentioned that part!)



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2 Responses to “The Brigitte Bardot Show”

  1. jf Says:

    would anyone remember BB were she not insanely attractive?

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