Hmm… I’ll give it a few years.

I mean honestly it isn’t all that bad at a starting price of $499. Sure it doesn’t really have multitasking or flash or any usb drives, sure the largest gigabyte size available is a mere 64 GB, but I really think it’s meant to be more like a living room accessory for the wealthy more than anything else. (why else would it be so technologically incompetent). When I’m older and rich I’ll have one of each Apple product, and I doubt the latest iPad (I hate the word) will be an exception. Think of it like this: you and your family are all sat on the couch watching Rocky II and you want to know who wins the last fight before the movie has ended (assuming you’ve never seen Rocky II) Apollo or Rocky? Who is it!!??! You reach for your iPad to simply goog- wait – There’s an App-er, iPhone for that. I’ve rested my case. So useless. Come on Apple. Come on! It should’ve at least had a built in gun or something. (Having said that if I was loaded I’d probably still buy one)

(click play, then continue)
MP3: Don’t Forget About Me – Simple Minds

I mean it is exactly what Jobs says it is:

“Now each of us uses a laptop and a smartphone. The question is – could be something between them? A device for web surfing, working with e-mail, view photos, videos, music, games and reading e-books. It should be suitable for these tasks better than a laptop, and better than a smartphone. Some may be called netbooks. But they have one problem – they are not better than anything else. These small computers have low productivity, poor screens and working with standard computer software. We think that between a smartphone and the notebook should be something more interesting – iPad.”

Don’t forget about Apple, give Steve a couple months and I’m sure it’ll be up to par.




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