Watching the Winter Olympic Games currently, somewhat bored. I enjoy the luge, bobsled, and ski jumping events. (the biathlon is cool because of the guns, of course). I tend to like the individual sports that take less than a minute to complete. (Short attention span?) It was always the same with olympic video games as well (Nagano Winter Olympics ’98 for N64). Tsk, tsk Danz.. Anyway, right now I’m watching the nordic combined and frankly just feeling confused. (I think) there are three Americans in the lead right now.

Here are some songs somewhat having to do with either Winter or Vancouver.″
MP3: Winter A Go-Go – Yo La Tengo Buy Summer Sun here.″
MP3: Winters Love – Animal Collective Buy Sung Tongs here.″
MP3: Winter Night – Scott Walker Buy Scott 3 here.″
MP3: Vancouver [live] – Violent Femmes Buy Add It Up (1981-1993) here.

(The announcers for the nordic combined are literally screaming right now, has to be nearing the end.. and yes! America has taken silver. Dammit France, come on!)

Bidding you farewell with my favorite clips from The Blues Brothers (1980) and Ghostbusters (1984). Two epic films (with pretty good soundtracks)

Clips from The Blues Brothers:

Firstly, the best chase scene ever, apart from the one in the end of the movie (so good!):″
MP3: Hold On I’m Coming (Stockholm ’67) – Sam & Dave

The Blues Brothers rendition of Rawhide, of course. Comes in about 1:10 or so. The original Rawhide is terrible in comparison!

And Aretha’s Think. (Only video I could find, sorry.. )

Other great scenes include Ray Charles’ cameo and James Brown’s cameo.

And from Ghostbusters.. the hotel scene!

Oy, take care, Happy Valentine’s Day (lamest excuse for a holiday ever), and don’t forget to come to this tomorrow:

Click to respond on Facebook. And in case you hadn’t noticed, the string-y font is the font from the credits in Kubrik’s Dr. Strangelove!


(sorry that I’ve saturated this post with youtube videos)



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