The Shatnerverse

God, I’m so bad at keeping this site up to date.. the most unfortunate part about that statement is that in reality I fail to do anything more productive in the meantime. Anything I tell you! I mean, besides spending all day watching and listening to stuff and looking random things up. For instance today I learned that the term “Shatnervese” does indeed exist, er.. more technically “The Shatnerverse”. (Click to read more.) I also spent the day looking up obscure instruments. Like the Elemento. So cool.

The coupling of information found led me to my latest idea of creating a band completely derived from odd instruments and songs about Shatner, of course it would be called The Shatnerverse, (or The Elementoverse, assuming I found an elemento). Who else is in?″
MP3: Its’s Heavy! (Dub Version) – Barbara Norris

Everyone got the Nintendo Cartridge picture a few posts down (not very difficult).. Who can guess what game this is? Anyone? It’s pretty literal..

Trying to do what they do over at Universe Today with their “Where in the Universe?” bits except video-game and music related.

What album cover is this? I’ll give you a hint.. it’s the second album from a woman who “Feels Love”.



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