Space Ghost always had such great guests.″
MP3: Baby Can’t Stop (Idjut Boys Remix) – Lindstrom & Christabelle
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I’m not sure about how I feel about the new look of “zDanz”. I came across this image of Messier 78 a few days ago whilst searching for a background. I’m sure it looks fantastic if you have an extra large monitor (I can only see 1/84 of it at full size, or something like that).

Watched The Dark Side of the Moon documentary today for the third or fourth time. I wish I could learn Gilmour’s Time solo.

Think of how much cooler I would seem, if I could play you this:

I didn’t get to watch the Oscars tonight because Cablevision pulled ABC from viewers in NY. What crap, how am I going to watch Lost this Tuesday? I care especially since the current season is the best season (haha) of them all.. wait, what’s this? Disney (ABC) and Cablevision have already reached an agreement 13 minutes after the Oscars began? At least they picked the perfect time for to come to an agreement, after I’d already changed the channel.

MP3: Time – Pink Floyd

It’s been very boring here as of late at the ol’ I bet you’re thinking I might as well have virtual tumbleweeds dancing across the screen. (wait a second, dancing virtual tumbleweeds..) Maybe I’ll start doing interviews and say I’m with another blog and wear a disguise.

Alright I’m off to watch The State, or Pop-Up-Video(s). Or whatever else has finished downloading.

I’ll leave you with Ray, ‘the best Wheel of Fortune contestant ever’.

Until we meet again (later in the week), your friend,

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