If I were venturing to Texas for SXSW, I’d most definitely look forward to seeing Best Coast live. They remind me of something off one of the Pebbles or Nuggets compilations, or more so off one of the Girls in the Garage compilations. (a reference I usually make when I come across 60s/surf inspired rock) Best Coast seem to fit into the current (extremely lo-fi, distorted, purposely dated) indie rock genre along with Wavves and Harlem, etc. (Harlem recently got signed to Matador, sweet! I’ve been talking about them for some time now..).

From the Make You Mine 7″:″
MP3: In My Room – Best Coast

From the Art Fag 7″:″
MP3: That’s The Way Boys Are – Best Coast

The new Liars album Sisterworld is worth picking up.. has great textures, well produced, very droney. I don’t think it’s my favorite album of theirs (I think maybe the S/T one was) but enjoyable nonetheless, despite it’s creepiness. What I like best about Liars is that none of their albums ever really seem to have that monotonous quality of staying the same throughout. If you hate the way one track sounds you’re bound to find another that you like. Drop Dead is one of my favorite tracks off Sisterworld, simply because it’s odd-sounding with an interesting mixture of chords, but I guess that goes for most of the record.″
MP3: Drop Dead – Liars

GERMS is tonight:

Is it wrong to keep Stealers Wheel on repeat when I’m supposed to be concentrating on new music and SWSW?″
MP3: Waltz (You Know It Makes Sense) – Stealers Wheel

Sidenote: Not sure if you realized this but located in the right sidebar is a section called ‘Tags’. The larger the words, the more I’ve blogged about them. Just wanted to point out that William Shatner is pretty big currently and I’m going to make his name bigger by tagging this post with William Shatner.

Who remembers Late World With Zach?



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