An Internet Interview With: Filmmaker Tim Blackwell

Above: Personal Video Message, made for David Tennant on his retirement from doctor who. Made by Ricky Wilson and Tim Blackwell on a day off during the British Tour 2009.

What Tim Does

me: I think I should start.

Tim: ok.

me: With something like ‘Hello Tim, what is it you do?’

Tim: Well the last few years i’ve been acting as the band Kaiser Chiefs videographer, but I guess I’m a freewheeling creative director music video guy.

me: What are some of the music videos that you’ve done?

Tim: For the chiefs I did ‘Na na na na naa’ ‘Heat dies down’ and ‘(You Want) History’. They were all really documents of the last few years touring and giging.

me: So which one is your favorite then?

Tim: Probably Na Na Na Na Naa. I was excited to be travelling to America with them, and the video does a good job of summing up their rise from playing small pubs in Yorkshire to Playing infront of Millions at Live 8. You also managed to make it into that video which wasn’t actually planned, and had more to do with the editor I worked with.

me: Haha, yeah, that was weird. What was your favorite city touring?

Tim: I think the ones you enjoy are when you have a bit of time to explore. Sometimes you can be somewhere great but the schedule doesn’t allow for much time off, or you just spend it indoors in a dark room.

Tim: New York is a no brainer, as i’ve yet to have a bad time there… I quite liked Chicago’s no nonsense and over on the west coast San Fransisco, It must be the inner hippy in me…

Tim: In fact we were once walking around Boston when some guy just started yelling abuse about our hair and clothes telling us to go back to Cisco. We shouted back we were british and then he said he was pleased we were on “Their” Side. Whatever side that guy is on, I’m on the opposite.

me: Have you a favorite director?

Tim: Film or Music Video?

me: Film

Tim: Well, I’m a fan of Wes Anderson. I know he’s pretty divisive, and some folks think his signature is too strong and cliched, but i think he’s a genius. The way he uses music to narrate his films and his eye for detail is inspiring. He makes film making seem really easy but at the same time incredibly hard.

me: What’s your favorite Wes Anderson film? I think mine is The Life Aquatic solely because of the bit when Bill Murray kills the pirates whilst Search and Destroy is playing in the background.

Tim: I’m a big fan of The Life Aquatic, it got a bit of a panning, but i think it’s the most enjoyable in many ways. It lurches from moments of real pathos to laugh out loud. It got me through some boring times in a rubbish flat.

me: I was always sad when the death scene came about and that Zombies song played. What kind of films are you going to make/plan on making in the future?

Tim: Uh huh, I still get a bit upset when Luke Wilson cuts his hair and then his wrists to the sound of Elliot Smith. It feels Prophetic.

Tim: Well, i wouldn’t mind having a go at a short narrative film. Perhaps an urban horror, with the emphasis on the psychological rather then any actual gore. I’d like to work on some more narrative based music promos and i’m just in the process of editing a promo I co-directed with Danny North for a band called The Neat. Hopefully this will turn out ok.


me: How do you feel about season 6?

Tim: I’ve only seen the first 3… i’ll get back to speed on Sunday.

Tim: I saw my parents yesterday and my dad was complaining about how stupid it is. He’s watched every one and he’s not really a fan, but he just wants closure.

Tim: What I’ve seen of it was ok. I don’t think the others have the same impact that they used to.. “oh great more others…” But I’m enjoying the two concurrent storylines, and it’s early days…

me: You’ve only watched the first three.. so has Claire come in yet?

Tim: at the end of episode 3…briefly…shhh

Tim: shhhhh

me: Alright, done with Lost related questions.

me: Well no, one more, whose your favorite character? (mine is personally Ben Linus. I actually miss the ‘Henry’ days, if you know what I mean.)

Tim: Hmm… tough one. I do like Ben Linus, especially when he does the look, or his mouth curls and you realise he’s totally evil. He’s been a bit quiet lately though (Oh Tim, you just wait..). I like Kate, she seems like the sort of girl you’d want to get stuck with on a magical island.


me: Who do you enjoy more, Locke or Spock?

Tim: Hmm… I enjoyed the new Star Trek film, but I’m really more a Star Wars fan OT. I’ll still go for Spock, nothing against Locke you understand…

me: I understand, besides Locke has turned into the smoke monster anyway. I’ll switch to a Star Wars related question, which episode is your favorite?

Tim: 5

Quick Change:

me: How do you feel about Bill Murray?

Tim: I hear he’s very tall.

Tim: Have you watched quickchange yet?

me: Haven’t! Last night I watched My Stepmother is an Alien and Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

Tim: Fast times is a classic.

Tim: To be honest I haven’t watched Quickchange in years, but i was talking to some folks the other day who said they were having a Bill Murray party and i mentioned it, only to be met with blank faces…
It’s one of his best films, he co-directed it!•

MP3: This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) – Talking Heads



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