Radar Detector, etc.

Darwin Deez are/is(?) pretty awesome, surely what you’ll hear about in 2010. I actually don’t want to compare the stuff to anything because it’s so good in itself.. although if I were to compare it to something, the vocals remind me of Robin Pecknold‘s; and Lights On reminds me somewhat of Beck. In all, very good; including the production. Pre-order the album here.

MP3: Bed Space – Darwin Deez
MP3: Lights On – Darwin Deez

I can’t believe The Futureheads are on their 4th album already.. The Chaos comes out April 26th. (wondering who did cover art) Here is a video for their first single, Heartbeat Song:

I will admit that their S/T album was something I listened to quite often back in the day of.. erm.. 2004 (Le Garage, Man Ray specifically). The songs on The Chaos sadly appear to be less dynamic, unchanging, somewhat overly saturated in comparison. They still, of course, bear the signature vocal harmonies and sharp guitar riffs- which is why I like The Futureheads to begin with. Worth a listen: pre-order the album here.

MP3: Heartbeat Song – The Futureheads

My goal today is to find this book:



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2 Responses to “Radar Detector, etc.”

  1. David Says:

    The Dick book is available in the first volume of his Library of America series. It’s totally worthwhile because the other three books in the edition are also all great

  2. Avarana Says:

    The cover has Fremen, melange harvesting equipment and an apparent ornithopher…

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