Top 10 of The Past 20-Something Years (Or Something Like That)

Reading Spin’s list, I thought I might make my own. They were somewhat on point but I suppose this would be my version:

10. Amnesiac – Radiohead

Radiohead‘s 5th album, released in 2001, right after Kid A and right before Hail To The Theif (other albums that are fairly close to being on this list..) I liked Morning Bell better on Kid A, however still love the Amnesiac version. Favorite songs off the album include: Dollars And Cents, Knives Out, Pyramid Song, You And Whose Army?

MP3: Morning Bell/Amnesiac – Radiohead″

9. Post – Björk

Björk‘s sophomore album released in 1995. Favorite songs off the album include: It’s Oh So Quiet, Isobel.

MP3: It’s Oh So Quiet – Bjork″

8. Tigermilk – Belle & Sebastian

Tigermilk is Belle & Sebastian‘s 1996 debut, and definitely my favorite of theirs. Reminds me of high school terribly, yet I’m not ashamed to listen to it at any given point in time. Favorite songs off the album include: Expectations, You’re Just a Baby, I Don’t Love Anyone, and Electronic Renaissance.

MP3: I Don’t Love Anyone – Belle & Sebastian″

7. Is a tie between Mellow Gold by Beck

and Give It Back! by The Brian Jonestown Massacre

These two are tied solely because I wanted to keep this a top 10 list. However if I were hung over a cliff and forced to choose between one that’s better than the other (keep in mind all of these albums are masterpieces in their one personal way) I’d probably choose Give It Back!.

Mellow Gold is Beck‘s 1994 debut holding the single Loser which made Beck in turn, memorable. The whole album besides Loser is why I like Beck, though. Favorite songs include: Steal My Body Home, Nitemare Hippy Girl, and Pay No Mind (Snoozer).

Give It Back! was Brian Jonestown Massacre‘s 6th album released in 1997. It was the only album that Pater Hayes was on (who went on to form Black Rebel Motorcycle Club). Favorite songs on the album include: Malela, Servo, The Devil May Care (Mom & Dad Don’t), and Not If You Were The Last Dandy On Earth. One could argue that Their Satanic Majesties Second Request is better than this album.. I will cover BJM’s discography in it’s entirety another day.

MP3: The Devil May Care (Mom & Dad Don’t) – Brian Jonestown Massacre″

6. I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One – Yo La Tengo

I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One was Yo La Tengo‘s 8th album released in 1997. This one reminds me of driving my car around aimlessly and getting lost. Favorite songs off the album include: Moby Octopad, Sugarcube, Shadows.

5. Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain – Pavement

Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain is Pavement‘s second album released in 1995. Favorite songs include: Range Life, Hit The Plane Down, Gold Soundz.

4. Is a tie between Is This Is? by The Strokes

and Funeral by Arcade Fire.
Again, this is a top 10 list hence why they are tied. I’d say I probably (at the time) enjoyed The Strokes‘ 2001 debut album Is This It? better, however now I’d say Arcade Fire‘s 2004 debut album Funeral is a solidly better album. Favorite songs on Is This It? include: they’re all tied. Favorite songs on Funeral include: they’re all tied.

3. A Thousand Leaves – Sonic Youth

A Thousand Leaves is Sonic Youth‘s 11th album released in 1998. One could argue that Daydream Nation is a better album, I would argue that even though Teen Age Riot is a solidly great song, A Thousand Leaves harbors more of my favorites. They include: Snare, Girl, Female Mechanic Now On Duty, Sunday. Sonic Youth’s latest should be up here too, f*ckin’ great album.

2. Nevermind – Nirvana
Nevermind is Nirvana‘s second album, released in 1991, it is a given that this would be on the list. Favorite songs include: they’re all tied.


1. OK Computer – Radiohead

Ok Computer is Radiohead‘s sophomore album released in 1996. Favorite songs include: they’re all tied/all insanely great, though Lucky and The Tourist are just epic songs, my god.

The more I think about it the more I want to change these around/add other albums. I guess I’ll just leave it be. Hope you enjoy/agree/agree to disagree.


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2 Responses to “Top 10 of The Past 20-Something Years (Or Something Like That)”

  1. Alex English Says:

    If you’re going to have ties between albums for different positions, you need to skip the next lowest place because there was a tie for third place, the next place would be fifth place, not fourth place.

  2. danzdanz Says:

    But then I’d have to leave out certain albums!

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