Lightspeed Champion’s Icky Pasta E.P.

Here is Lightspeed Champion‘s tour EP Icky Pasta. I’m not sure how Dev managed to do this on top traveling and everything else. The songs sound awesome and truly textured. I think my favorite is Cry Cry Cry Babeeeeeee (although they’re all great), it could be on the radio station in one the cars in American Graffiti for sure. (At least that’s the movie that came to mind whilst listening).

Icky Pasta E.P. (In a .Zip File)


1. Icky Pasta – Lightspeed Champion″
2. Flies and Ties – Lightspeed Champion″
3. Straight – Lightspeed Champion″
4. Nothing is Everything is Nothing – Lightspeed Champion

5. Cry Cry Cry Babeeeeeee – Lightspeed Champion″



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4 Responses to “Lightspeed Champion’s Icky Pasta E.P.”

  1. Paul Says:

    Could you please please please send me these songs i would be much obliged!

  2. danzdanz Says:

    Just click the links and download them?

  3. FairyLegs Says:


  4. Brian Says:

    bad list, companion, I read lots of your stuff and this can be a first thing i’ve actually really really disagreed together with. A number of the songs you not so great are cross generational along with iconic. a person’s #10 and #7 shouldnt appear on here time period.

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