What I like about the following song is that it sounds really quite discerning before turning into something like a confused DOS game. (Then of course, turns back again). I really do love Bruce Haack and The Electric Lucifer album.


Another somewhat creepy song:

If you’re well into Italian horror films, you should know it.

Can’t guess?


The soundtrack for 1977’s SUSPIRIA is actually pretty weird. Some tracks I don’t even remember hearing in the film at all. (Incl. Black Forest which sounds more like it belongs in Miami Vice) Very cool nonetheless.

There’s actually a Suspiria remake in the works. David Gordon Green is to direct it, Natalie Portman is said to star as lead. My only questions (besides why is David Gordon Green directing it?) are: Will Goblin do the score again? Will the architecture surpass the original? Will they use CGI for the witch at the end (probably)?

Oy, enjoy this new layout.


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2 Responses to “BRUCE HAACK – WAR”

  1. andrio goiglitti Says:

    Your songs today have struck fear deep into my heart. Here I am unable to sleep now that these sounds enter my brian. With such a noise one can see the dark natures of the man, and no longer understnad how we can love the night? I really enjoys these sounds, since they let us see into the mind. Thank you for your songs, i hope to read you blog on a day after day!

  2. dan2600 Says:

    Dig the new layout! 🙂

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