Beach Fossils

Beach Fossils are a (very good) band from Brooklyn that make superb surf-like rock music. If you’ve not checked them out yet you really must.

Having said that (or having written that), here’s a link to buy a copy of their very limited edition debut EP. It’s especially worth the buy because the vinyl is clear, in case you wanted to see past the vinyl after it’s been placed on top of your your record player (who knows what can happen underneath).

Two tracks from the upcoming S/T debut:

MP3: Daydream – Beach Fossils″
MP3: Sometimes – Beach Fossils″

Now then,

Have a swell Friday evening. Currently watching the local news here in Florida, there was just a story on a woman who was riding her motorcycle when a turkey mistakenly flew out in front of her, causing her to then crash into a fence; also drunk-dialing is becoming somewhat of an epidemic. So be careful of turkeys and alcohol, and especially drunk-dialing turkeys.


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One Response to “Beach Fossils”

  1. Weston James Says:

    Beach Fossils are muh fave

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