Dunedin Sound

You should already know of the New Zealand dunedin sound band The Clean since I’ve mentioned them before; however I thought I might mention them again just in case you don’t check this blog regularly (which you should). The Clean were formed by David Kilgour (not to be confused with Gilmour) in 1978, originally signing with Flying Nun records and later with Merge.

So then, what exactly is dunedin sound? More or less a lo-fi, ingloriously recorded style of punk/indie pop.

MP3: Point That Thing Somewhere Else- The Clean
MP3: Slug Song – The Clean

The above tracks are from their Anothology [Buy] There’s a Flying Nun documentary out there that’s worth watching solely for The Clean’s video for Beatnik, which is unfortunately no longer available on youtube.

Completely unrelated: Werner Herzog is probably the best candidate to read Where’s Waldo, after James Earl Jones.


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2 Responses to “Dunedin Sound”

  1. Dom King Says:

    Interesting. There’s a pre-Pavement sound to them, but with a cleaner more poppy sound.
    Really interesting

    Was that an electric organ on that Beatnik sound? How cool is that?
    Where did you hear about them from?

  2. danzdanz Says:

    I forget where I heard about them from, probably on last.fm recommended artists or somethin’.

    Electric organ is epic!

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