An Internet Interview With Musician Dev Hynes

Recently had a chat with Dev who finally had a day off from touring. If you don’t know Dev he is Lightspeed Champion, Blood Orange, member of the no-longer Test-Icicles, producer (Theophilus London, Solange Knowles), author/writer, comic enthusiast, and simply put- very talented.

Marlene from Lightspeed’s latest album Life Is Sweet! Nice to Meet You, which you can acquire here.

Well then, here’s a somewhat botched interview… er whatever you want to call it.

Current Endeavors

me: Are you enjoying touring/tired from it?

Dev: Well, we finished.. yesterday? Two days ago. It was fun, the best tour I’ve ever done, also the first tour in over two years that I’ve done. Definitely two days ago.. my mind is warped.

me: So you’re taking time off now, working on more music?

Dev: Yeah, I’m now going to be concentrating on music for other artists for a while.

me: Do you have any things in the works with other artists at present?

Dev: Yes, tomorrow I’m going to Santa Barbara to work with Solange Knowles, then in June hopefully finish up some stuff with this girl called Lauren Hervieu.

Blood Orange

me: How ’bout Blood Orange?

Dev: I finished the album! It’s my favourite album that I’ve ever made.. now just contemplating releases, but I want it out as soon as possible!

me: Yeah the demos are great. How did you decide the name?

Dev: Aww thanks! Well, it was actually the original name for Lightspeed many years ago. I have a ton of names just stored, I know what the next 4 albums (if I make them) are going to be called.

me: Haha, amazing. You have an idea of when the Blood Orange album will be released?

Dev: I’m shooting for October.. I think a 7inch will come out before that though!

Film, etc.

me: You’re a big fan of films, yeah?

Dev: Yes! Most definitely.

me: Who are some of your favorite directors?

Dev: Hmm, my taste is pretty strange with films. I can’t really think of many directors who I love across the board. I guess visually I’ve always loved Antonioni though. Having said that… I think Steve Pink might be on his way up there, ha.

me: Some of your favorite films?
Dev: Scorcesse’s After Hours is one of my favourites, as is 3 o’clock High.

Dev: I also have a soft spot for Legal Eagles.

me: Have you seen the trailer for Inception?

Dev: Of course! Since the sneak preview!

me: Any films you looking forward to seeing? You worked on the Macgruber soundtrack, yeah?

Dev: Yeah I did! (Dev contributed to the soundtrack, including the duet Rock My Body with SNL cast member Kristen Wiig.) I’m looking forward to the finished version of that film, I only saw an early cut. I also really need to see The Human Centipede. I’ve been waiting for a year now!

(Dev also has a blog dedicated to watching imdb’s 100 worst movies, check that out here.)


me: How old were you when you started making music?

Dev: I started playing the cello when I was about 9 years old, then the piano shortly after that and played in orchestras. In High School I played drums, and taught myself guitar shortly after that. I was always making albums and tapes, handing them out to friends, family.. people at the skate park, I haven’t really changed much haha.

me: Who are your biggest influences?

Dev: Patricia Highsmith, Adrian Tomine, Serge Gainsbourg, Steve Martin, Derren Brown, Marvin Gaye, Todd Rundgren, Mike Allred. That’s off the top of my head!

Download Dev’s Icky Pasta EP here. ❖

MP3: La Javanaise – Serge Gainsbourg″


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