So the oil spill (the largest one in US history) is obviously very depressing. If it hasn’t had an impact on you yet, perhaps look at these photos from the Boston Globe. No- really, please click that link because it’s hard to imagine. The beaches of Louisiana & Alabama are going through a horrific time (not to mention all the animals and organisms). I’m staying in Tampa, FL at the moment; It’s not meant to hit Florida’s west coast beaches but that doesn’t mean it won’t indirectly affect them (as well as many more coastal cities).

I’m sure you already know of the attempts to stop it, and what The Junk Shot or Top Kill is (literally just shooting junk into the rig to clog it).

Sorting through info graphics, I found this one to be the most useful (click to enlarge):

Two (of many) unnerving pieces of information taken from the graphic: ONE: The Deepwater Horizon Rig is one of 3,858 other rigs (in the gulf alone) TWO: The graphic was done on May 13, in other words: the light blue shaded area representing the spread of the spill would now be black, and the oil would now be en route downward traveling towards The Keys.

We won’t know if Top Kill is successful ’til the weekend apparently. However keep in mind that even if it is a success, there are still millions of dead creatures, and 19,000,000–39,000,000 US gallons; 72,000,000–148,000,000 litres spilled.

What’s even more unnerving is BP’s cleanup method:

BP has relied on massive quantities of two types of an oil dispersant called Corexit to break up the oil into what it calls more easily broken-down portions. The chemicals, Corexit 9527A and Corexit 9500, are known to be hazardous to aquatic life and to humans. (via/Green Biz)


There’s not a whole lot you can do (because you’re probably not a representative), however here is a response site.

And if you agree that BP shouldn’t receive a bailout, then click this link.


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