Before Today

Ariel Pink‘s new album Before Today came out (really) the day before today on 4AD. An excellent record. If you read lots of music blogs, you might have predicted I’d say that.

They remind me a bit of E.L.O. circa Out of The Blue, had E.L.O. been recorded in the 60’s and a bit less pop. The track above, Round and Round, sounds like it literally came from someone’s 45 collection left in a time capsule. Buy the album!

Menopause Man – Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti:



2 Responses to “Before Today”

  1. Dave Jones Says:

    I remember out of the blue on the first go round as a pre-teen (played it to death the summer of 78) so I gotta get this one. Round & Round is quite good & very soulful sounding (Mid 70’s Isley Bros?).

  2. Danz Says:

    Yeah, the album is good. You should get it!

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