A Somewhat Long List of Songs About Sunday

Figured I might as well put together a list of songs about Sunday since there are too many of them (also for the clichéd reason of it being Sunday today). It seems as though, according to lyrics, that everyone either feels blue, falls in love, or enjoys Sundays’ morning and sun specifically. (How weird, right?)

Of course if you’re reading this and it’s Monday, feel free to bookmark and read next week. If you really don’t care what day of the week it is, then read on.

Well then, glad to see you! Let us begin..

Was listening to the infamous Velvet Underground & Nico record a bit today, always gets me a bit down that Moe Tucker didn’t sing lead more often- although I suppose it’s a bit difficult to drum and sing simultaneously (as Tucker was VU’s drummer). Nico (pictured above) mainly sings the female lead along with ol’ Lou Reed on the record.

After Hours is an absolute favorite of mine, but we need the title to have ‘Sunday’ in it, so..

Sunday Morning

After Hours (*)


Wow, this next one is too good! At least, this version of the song (there are so many). It’s taken from Etta James‘ 1961 record At Last, which you should go on and get. You might know Etta from her signature tune (also on the record, with the same title) ‘At Last’. (And if you haven’t heard of it, how ridiculous! It’s practically in every movie!)

Really do love this one, and Etta, even though I tend to feel terribly sappy afterward (please, don’t tell anyone).

Sunday Kind of Love


Now, for the opposite of ‘Sunday Kind Of Love’ – Billie Holiday‘s ‘Gloomy Sunday’ (which was originally composed by Hungarian pianist Rezső Seress and covered too many times).

Such a good one.

Gloomy Sunday

Wish I could find an original vinyl pressing of that it, nearly impossible though (as it was pressed in 1941)…


Here is a Scott Walker Sunday song from the record In The Beginning, which also houses the song ‘Too Young’, which is just fantastic. In The Beginning is such a weird record because it sounds nothing like what Scott Walker usually sounds like, for the most part. (i.e. the records Scott, Scott 2 & Scott 3, watch ‘Mathilde’ below).

Too Young (*)



As for things I missed: The Flaming Lips’ ‘One Million Billionth Of A Millisecond On A Sunday Morning’ appears on their album Oh My Gawd!!, however not going to post it because it’s roughly 10 minutes long.

Beck has a song titled ‘Sunday Sun’ on the record Sea Change.

Sonic Youth have a song titled ‘Sunday’ on A Thousand Leaves (great album).

Beirut has a song titled A Sunday Smile on ‘The Flying Club Cup’ and etc, and etc.

Obvious misses: Blondie’s Sunday Girl & U2’s Sunday Bloody Sunday. Come on, I hope you didn’t expect I’d post those! (not because they’re bad of course, but because I expect you to already know them!)

There are loads and loads and loads more.

Well friends, I suppose I’ll leave you with the following track from The Doors’ Morrison Hotel.

Blue Sunday


That about does it. Happy Sunday. Er, happy probably blue and in-love day?

Take care now.


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