New Things to Watch

So, as per the title, I’m going to inform you of a few new good things to watch, or buy and then watch eventually. I’ve had plenty of free time on my hands as of late because I’ve been on somewhat of a vacation in Florida, and with plenty of free time of course comes the endless search for things to do.. Besides making music, I’ve probably watched more TV/movies in the past three months than I have over all of last year… (although, last year my cable was a bit… off. And by off I mean literally not on) Anyway, to name a few:

Look Around You

Look Around You Series One came out on DVD yesterday in the states. If you’ve not watched this show yet, you really must.. It’s like the stuff you’d watch in your high school chemistry class, except it deals with nonsensical science and funniness. Here’s an interview I’d done with one of the creators, Robert Popper, and here’s a link to buy.

Max Headroom

I’ve only watched bits of Max Headroom online because it’s not available to buy on DVD.. until August, that is. Pretty excited about the release. I’m not sure why I love 80’s depictions of the future so much. Wikipedia classifies the series as ‘cyberpunk’- which is by far one of the best 80’s tv/movie genres. I.e. Bladerunner, The Terminator, Wargames, Alien (technically 1979), Robocop. Total Recall and Hackers coming somewhat later.. Anyhow, here’s a list. The series was originally based on a TV pilot for Britain’s Channel 4. Here’s a link to pre-order it.

Max’s digitalized head reminds me of this Kraftwerk video.

Breaking Bad

I’m sure you know someone who watches Breaking Bad. If you don’t know someone who watches it, I watch it, and you probably at least kind of know me. It’s the only show I watch at present with a more serious tone, sort of. It’s like No Country For Old Men except with a cancer-stricken chemistry teacher turned meth dealer.. I haven’t looked at a passing Winnebago the same way since after watching, and you probably won’t either. Here’s a link to buy seasons 1-3. In June, AMC announced it was renewed for it’s 4th season.


I watched Moon a few weeks ago on Netflix at 5am. Watching it instantly reminded me of 2001: A Space Odyssey, and Gerty (the main robot in Moon) instantly reminded me of Hal (the main robot in 2001) [picture from 2001] Moon is creepy in a way that the plot seems eerily plausible.. however there are bits of humor in there so as not to freak you out totally. Moon is director Duncan Jones‘ feature film debut. Jones is the only son of David Bowie. Here’s a link to buy it.

Suppose that’s all for now. Get watching. I’m really tempted now to do a post on Cyberpunk films.. Oh how I love Bladerunner..


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One Response to “New Things to Watch”

  1. h Says:

    thanks, i really needed this.
    prevents me from working.

    i also listened to some of your songs. they remind of some german krautrock/electropop bands i know. you might like these:

    greetings from berlin.

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