Movie Operation And The Potion

So I discovered this band name generator site. It’s really fun… I’m spending way too much time on it laughing by myself. ( There’s also an acronym generator- which is amazing.

Here are some of the best names that were generated, listed by category of word used. I went ahead and photoshopped some into movie posters because I thought they sounded like good movie titles.

Word used: Pirate

Pirate Claus

Pirate Claus and The Sensual Pirates

Pirate Of The Happiness

Sporty Pirate

Pirate Concern

Pirate Grinder And The Hypno Mischief

Word used: Vague

Vague Salmon

Vague Salmon

Vague Exorcism

Vague Panda

Vague Primate And The Inverted Offer

Word used: Silly

In Silly

In Silly

Silly Tilly

Silly Stream

Upset Silly And The Evolving Backyard

Silly Bicep

Word used: Al Pacino

Al Pacino

Stealing Al Pacino And The Coconut

Al Pacino Pyramid

Al Pacino Abduction And The Hope

Al Pacino Alien

Al Pacino Trouser And The Needed Pork

Word used: Castle

Caste Hound

Castle Hound And The Nostril

Outspoken Castle

Castle Carcass

Castle Complication

Wrestling Castle

Word used: Finger

Anonymous Finger

Anonymous Finger

Determined Finger And The Downs

Anal Finger Of The Engineer Ant

The Forgotten Finger





Well, hope you enjoyed that.

Yours truly,



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