The 23rd Century

Can you imagine how let down you would be if the future turned out to be exactly like Zardoz, Barbarella or Logan’s Run?

Space Age Love Song″

I absolutely love all three of the aforementioned movies. So much in fact, that I’ve lost track of their play count. My point being, we’d be hovering around in paper mache spaceships with shag carpet, wearing ridiculous strappy red outfits and have lifeclocks installed in our hands that beep when we’ve turned age 30. Ahhhhh!

Some inventions we do actually have, though. A bit obvious, but in Star Trek there were the communicators, and we now have cell phones. In Star Wars we had holographic Princess Leia, and we now have (pretty terrible and awkward-looking) holographic news reporters. In Logan’s Run there was a plastic surgery shop, and we now have- wait, are there plastic surgery shops? There’s got to be!

It’s just a matter of time before we’re able to beam each other up, breathe without oxygen, and wear next to nothing on planets whose atmospheric temperatures are well below freezing.

Here are some bits from some old sci-fi films if you’re looking for something to watch. If you got any recommendations or thoughts, feel free to comment.

John Carpenter’s sci-fi parody Dark Star*.

Logan’s Run*. Here’s a bit from the robot in one of the scenes. (i.e. the greatest robot ever).

Here’s a better clip that I wasn’t able to embed.

Woody Allen’s Sleeper.

If you’re looking to watch something extraordinarily odd, Fantastic Planet should suffice.

Barbarella*, a bizarre sci-fi classic. Most notable for Jane Fonda’s scene with something called the ‘Excessive Machine’ (or quite literally, an orgasm machine). You’ll have to be 18+ to watch that, though.

Here is what sexual relations are like in the future:

Speilberg’s Close Encounters of The Third Kind.

Godard’s Alphaville.

Zardoz*, a bizarrely ridiculous sci-fi classic (well, a classic in my eyes, anyway).

A really old one. Forbidden Planet.

Alright, that’s all for now.

I’ll leave you with this..



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2 Responses to “The 23rd Century”

  1. Justin Says:

    John Carpenter’s “They Live” I can’t wait for glasses that will show me who the aliens are, and also turn everything to black & white when I put them on.

  2. Joel Griffith Says:

    Have you seen the movie krull? I think you might like it.

    Its streaming on netflix.

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