Honestly the scariest X Mas karaoke video ever

Is it me, or does the snowman costume in this video depict more of an undead/zombie version of a Wampa?

How absolutely terrifying. Apologies if you watched that entire thing. Via/FFF.

Recently finished another Computer Magic track. It’s called Holiday Song and is mainly about taking a vacation. The shoddy artwork is comprised of holiday-esque colors, however don’t let them fool you as the song has nothing to do with X Mas.

Holiday Song

Oh, and Happy New Year. Here’s to the first post of 2012! Oops, I meant 2011.. hope I didn’t scare anyone.


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2 Responses to “Honestly the scariest X Mas karaoke video ever”

  1. Alfie Says:

    Can I say how awesome you are?

  2. โหลดเพลงฟรี Says:

    Nice Post I like this song Thanks for sharing music hot

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